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Monday, July 17, 2017

Monsters Love Colors

I received this book through interlibrary loan today and was so disappointed that I didn't receive it before last Tuesday! It would have been perfect for my colors story time! Well, at least now I know about it for next time.

Monsters Love Colors by Mike Austin is a fun and interactive book. Children are first introduced to the blue, red, and yellow monsters - the primary colors. Then the red and yellow monsters mix together to make a orange monster, the yellow and blue monsters mix together to make a green monster, and the red and blue monsters mix together to make a purple monster. At the end of the book, the color monsters get together to make a beautiful rainbow.

When I read this book to the children (my next colors story time), I can't wait for the children and I to roar and snore with the red monster, howl and growl with the yellow monster, and scribble and nibble with the blue monster.

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