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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Books About Native Americans for Children

 First Laugh Welcome, Baby! by Rose Ann Tahe and Nancy Bo Blood tells the story of a family who is anxiously waiting for their newborn baby's first laugh. A note in the back of the book talks about and explains The First Laugh Celebration, a Navajo tradition that is a child's first formal welcome into a family and clans. The celebration expresses the parents' hope that their child will always be friendly, kind, and caring. Throughout the book, the grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, and sister all try to get the baby to laugh. 

When We Are Kind by Monique Gray Smith illustrates in both pictures and text the importance of being kind. In this story, children help their family and neighbors, share with their friends, bring food to their Elders, and walk their dogs, along with other helpful and caring activities. The book has a very important message and the illustrations are beautiful.

Tired of hearing about the big, bad wolf? Then The Girl and Wolf by Katherena Vermette is for you. In this story, the young Native American girl wanders away from her mother when they are both picking berries. She gets lost and is scared. She is even more scared when a gray wolf approaches her. However, the wolf is a friend, not a foe. He helps her to find berries to eat and then he helps her to find her way home. The wolf encourages the girl to use her self reliance. When the girl says that she doesn't know what to do; the wolf replies, "Yes, you do. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes, then look. What do you see?"

We Sang You Home by Richard Van Camp is a delightful board book for babies. The book describes the mother and father's longing for a child and their joy when their child comes into their lives. 

May We Have Enough to Share is another board book by Richard Van Camp. This book helps make the concept of sharing easy to understand. 

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